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       Beijing Jinzhanpeng Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the modernization of lifting equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company's technology is strong, has a wealth of production experience, advanced production equipment, improved detection methods and testing equipment. Products produced by the national standard of the technical performance can meet or exceed the technical requirements, by the People's Insurance Company of China to quality insurance. My company's products have a unique, innovative, high quality, safety features, and has developed a series production, with excellent corporate culture, advanced management concepts, a trong operating style, in the market set a good image.

      Major products: 0.5 t-20t hand chain hoist series, Push hyacinth, electric hoist, micro-electric hoist wireless remote control,block, tight wire, pulls the monorail car jack, lifting belt, electric hoist, lifting clamp, chain slingers, hydraulic loader, hydraulic spiral from the top machines. According to customer requirements also create Gechongfeibiao lifting equipment, such as chain. Products by the Chinese People's Property Insurance Company Limited shares of coverage.

     The company has always attached importance to research and development work with the Ministry of Development, Technology, the Ministry of the market, which has a strong scientific research in the Commonwealth College, and actively absorb integration of domestic and international expertise, advancing with the times, constantly introduced to meet market demands in the high-tech, high-quality products to ensure that new products introduced every year. Innovation, technology, quality, service, a superior performance to keep the business with a strong development momentum, products exported to Germany, France, Australia, the United States, Southeast Asia, more than 20 countries and regions.

    Thanks to all the support and sincere cooperation, the company healthy, rapid and stable development, customers enjoy a high
reputation, over the years, we adhering to the "integrity" business philosophy, cling to wholeheartedly serve our customers, and sincerely win markets attitude, and constantly improve the quality of products, adherence to the "quality first, the user first" business purposes, perfect the quality of products, as many market-selling brand, and improve the marketing of the service more than 10 provinces and municipalities and regions, enterprise credibility Hardware foreign and foreign trade companies in the widely praised.

     Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad, and friends endangered guidance, friendship acooperation,complementarity and common development, and create brilliant future!


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